The English Program:

Supports the local Church by developing and growing an English program until it can be handed off to them.

Anchors people’s hope firmly in Jesus Christ by having a grace centered program and approach.

Empowers people with an avenue to get jobs and escape the cycle of poverty by equipping nationals with the tools of the English language.


Discipling Young Women:

Intentionally seeking out young women to disciple in their walk with the Lord. Using Bible study, prayer, fellowship and conversation to strengthen current believers and prayerfully disciple unbelievers into the faith.



Sharing the gospel in both word and deed through English classes, home visits, hospital visits, and just daily life with the Nicaraguan people.


Short-term Teams & Interns:

Helping host 12+ short-term teams a year from The States and interns at the Pineapples of Peace ministry center. Investing in their lives and time in Nicaragua and helping them think about how Nicaragua will impact their lives upon return to The States.



In the valley there is not much for youth to do and I’ve found it a great platform to provide some fun & entertainment as well as reach the youth here with the gospel.  I enjoy doing this through English classes, soccer, pool, and conversations.

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