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This past week I had the opportunity to attend a training from the Trauma Healing Institute in hopes to know how to better walk with people through trauma upon return to Nicaragua. One of the things we talked about that is helpful in the healing process was lament.

Lament includes:

  • Addressing God
  • Review of God’s faithfulness
  • A complaint
  • A confession
  • A request for help
  • God’s response (not stated)
  • A vow of praise or statement of trust in God

Although lament doesn’t always include each of these things, they do generally include some complaint or mourning aloud. Michael Card wrote: “[Lament] provides the only trustworthy bridge to God across the deep seismic quaking of our lives.” It’s allowing our emotions and pain out of its locked door and presenting it as an offering to God. The doubt, fear, sorrow, confusion, and deep pain placed before our Abba Father. Resting in His ultimate faithfulness. It acknowledges the pain and wrongness we face, yet praises and trusts God in the midst of trials. Lament is our door of access to our Abba Father’s heart and compassion as we walk through grief in this broken world.

Below I give you a peek into my lament before our Holy and precious Father as I reflect on what our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua are facing.

Abba Papa…

All around me looks like chaos.

Yet, it’s not chaos to you…

You sit on your throne.

You are present in every circumstance.


I look around me and I see suffering.

Mothers have lost their children.

Fathers lost their jobs.

Children lost their innocence.

Youth lost opportunity.


The streets that once were safe – now aren’t.

The police that once helped – now kill.

The universities once filled – now empty.

The churches once free – now attacked.


Dreams – silenced.

Families – broken.

Buildings – burned.

Safety – shattered.

Hope – faded.


Evil seems to flourish.

Man seems to get his way.

Uncertainty is now a way of life.

Power used to oppress.


Speak LORD and right the wrongs.

Act and heal the wounds.

Strike down those who seek injustice

And breathe life anew.


Rise up your people to speak the truth.

Strengthen their hurting hearts.

Give great wisdom in what to do

And grant patience to wait on You.


You alone are our deliverer.

You are fighting for us.

You care for us and therefore…

We will praise and trust in You.

What losses do you face? What are you grieving? There are so many things that we can loose in this life – yet so much to gain if we honestly lay our losses in our Healer’s capable arms. For it is in these moments of lament that we better understand the very heart of God. I found that writing a lament to God was very helpful – if you haven’t tried this I suggest you do and see how the Lord uses it in your life.

May we all examine the brokenness we encounter and grieve well the losses we face. May we bring our sufferings to a loving and just God. May we be honest with God – bringing Him our questions, fears and doubts. Ultimately, may we turn to trust Him as we lament.

Lamenting with you in the pain and trusting in Him with you,

Bethany Joy

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