Year #1 on the field…Thank you.

A little over a two years ago I began sharing with people about the Lord’s call on my life to move to Nicaragua and build an English program which would – support the church, anchor hope, and empower people. A little over a year ago, I moved to Nicaragua. into a little cabin in the jungle farmlands.

Today, I am blown away to report that the Lord is accomplishing these things for His kingdom through my time in Nicaragua. I’ve already had several of my English students return to the church after being gone for 10, 11, and 12 years. The church is being supported. There have been several people who have rededicated their lives to Christ and many others who have been encouraged and strengthened – discipled in their walk with Christ. Hope is being anchored. The students are learning English and being able to use it to communicate. There are now 58 students in the English program elementary aged – adults. People are being empowered to leave the cycle of poverty.

Also, By living life in the valley the Lord has allowed me to simply love on the people of the valley of Los Rios. I’ve had the privilege of holding a 14 year old girl who was sobbing because of immense betrayal from her father. I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside women as they uncover the unfaithfulness of their husbands. I’ve had the privilege of welcoming a newborn baby home by driving her in my car. I’ve had the privilege of providing a school uniform to a hardworking student at the local high school. I’ve had the privilege of holding and praying with a newly widowed woman. I’ve had the privilege of simply being several women’s first true friend.

There has already been ups and downs. Funny stories and sad stories. Betrayal and redemption. The Lord keeps blowing me away that He is choosing to use me as His vessel to share His love and grace to these precious people.

Yet I couldn’t be here without you sending me… So the reality is that the Lord isn’t just working through me – He’s working through you there, too. It’s you that has provided the opportunity of learning English to so many. You who has held the 14 year old girl as she sobs. You who has walked alongside the women in devastating situations. You who has welcomed the newborn babies by giving them a ride in your car. You who has provided necessities so students can further their education. You who has been the first true friend to many.

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and supporting those in Los Rios. For supporting the church. Anchoring hope. And Empowering People. Thanks for partnering with me as I love Nicaraguans unto life. His Kingdom is being furthered – to God be the Glory, great things He has done and continues to do. May God bless y’all immensely.