Confirming of the Call

Hey y’all,

I can’t believe I’ve been here in Nicaragua for 8 months – crazy! It seems like longer and shorter all at once. It’s been so amazing to see how the Lord is working through me so far and I can’t wait to see what He continues to do.

A couple weeks ago, I finished up the first trimester of English classes. I had two youth classes, 17 students total. As well as an adult class of the farm workers with 12 students. Fourteen of my seventeen youth are moving onto level 2 of the English program and a couple new students have will be joining those classes too. The next trimester begins next Monday (June 19). I will continue with the level 2 of the youth classes, the farm group, and begin 4 more classes. One class will be an adult class in the valley and the three others will be kids clubs. I am so excited and so are the students!

Last week, after only 3 months of classes, 8 of my youth students were able to help out at the soccer camp. It was so cool to here from the team the different conversations they had, in English, with my students. I’m so thankful for my students desire to learn English well and excited for them as I truly do see them making lots of progress in learning the language.

As I plan, prepare, teach, and visit my students and others in the valley… I just feel like I’m in my element. As hard as it can be sometimes, I am loving what the Lord has called me to here in Nicaragua.

Last week, another tough situation presented itself – more sin, more brokenness, more deep sadness. Yet, as I’ve been able to walk through the situation with the family the Lord has reminded me why I’m here. To be. To live life among the people. To be broken by the brokenness. To have my hope anchored in Jesus. To love. To lead others to Him – especially in those dark times. To be a light in the darkness.

Although I know I don’t do it perfectly, I am thankful that He still chooses to work through me. Through the ups and the downs, the Lord has continued to show me His heart for these people of this valley and this country and keeps growing my heart for them too. He graciously keeps confirming that this is exactly where He wants me. Praise be to His Holy Name.

To Him be the Glory – Great things He has done,

Bethany Joy

Ps. Although behind each picture there are thousands of stories and reasons why they are special to me – Here’s a small glimpse of parts of my life here in Nicaragua. Click on the photos to open them up in a larger view.