Mosquito Nets and Jesus

I have lived in Nicaragua for 15 days now – yippee! So far, things have been going pretty well.  I’m slowly finding out what life on the farm looks like.

This past week I got my mosquito net put up. I was amazed at how just that little fabric with holes in it eased some of my fears… Fears of spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, or any other type of unidentifiable thing might try to attack me at night. How could it be that such a small thing brought with it some sort of comfort?


I started thinking about how much more protective our God is of us. Yes, He can certainly use things like mosquito nets to help protect us… But I was reminded that my hope isn’t in the mosquito – It’s in God.

It got me thinking about how easy it is to put trust in so many things and/or people.  As everything here is new and can bring about fear and anxiety. Why is it that I find so much comfort in having another person in the car with me as I drive around…when I have the almighty God guiding me? Why is it that in the dark at night with no electricity, internet, or service to contact other people I tend to feel lonely… when God is right there with me? Why is it sometimes easier to just trust in a mosquito net?

Yes of course the Lord can use all of these things to help me – and that’s not a bad thing. But He has continually and gently reminded me that it’s not those helps that I’m dependent on but God Himself.

When I give into fear or anxiety I think unbelief sneaks into my mind too. If I focus on those things that cause me to become fearful and anxious then they become bigger in my mind than God. Yet, when the Lord graciously brings my attention back to Himself and His promises – He takes His rightful place on the throne of my life and those anxieties and fears don’t seem big anymore.  When we can truly believe that God is who He says He is – it changes everything.

I praise the Lord that He is using these times of transition to reveal to me my own heart, my own fears and insecurities, my own unbelief…and replacing them with stronger belief, peace and trust in Him. I praise the Lord for this because I know the it’s through my weakness that our Abba will do His greatest work.

Where is our Abba calling you to stop putting your trust in things of this world and to put your trust back in Him? Where and when does your unbelief peek out?

As we stand on His forever promises, may we not trust in mosquito nets or the rulers of our times… but in The Mighty King of Kings, The One who declared our work finished even before we began, The One who gave all for us. May we in return give our all to Him.

Resting in who He is and who He says we are,

Bethany Joy

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