God Is On The Move

How do I know that God is on the move?

By seeing a friend who I met in Costa Rica 4 years ago and who is now in Cape Town, South Africa using her medical knowledge and background to help at risk children.

By having the privilege of meeting and praying with a friend who has walked with me prayerfully through this fundraising journey over this past year. She’s now using her God-given talents of administration to help out at Christ’s School in Bundibugyo, Uganda.

By sending out friends from my small group for San Antonio, Belize.  One of which is returning to continue the building up of local leadership and the other who has stepped out in faith going with her new husband to see all the Lord has for them there.

By continuing to keep up with friends from my MTW trainings from this past summer who have left or are soon heading to: Japan, Cambodia, New York, and Bulgaria. As well as MANY others who will head out across the globe in the next year.

Through talking with some friends from Belgium, through my church I was involved with there, and continued to pray for the hardships that they face daily.

Through communicating with friends who are in seminary, starting and continuing journeys to better understand the Word and be able to help others better understand it too.

By being blessed by friends and family at a “missionary shower” and going away party where the Lord reminded me of all the immense support and provision both physically and emotionally he continually gives me through His body.

By witnessing and be a part of my church family, friends, and my related family going through difficult situations, yet choosing to put faith and hope in the Lord.

Through having the privilege of answering questions from 60 middle schoolers at a Christian school about missions and was amazed at the wheels I could see turning in their heads.

With all this one thing keeps coming to mind…


Like Aslan, in the Chronicles of Narnia, when the winter begins to turn to spring as He begins to work and move – I see the Lord’s work all around me. In those answering the call to go to an unknown land and in those that are being faithful in their calling here.

“God is on the move, on the move, Hallelujah! God is on the move, in many mighty ways. God is on the move, on the move Hallelujah! God is on the move, on the move today. I see a generation  standing on the truth – In each and every nation, God is on the move!” [7eventhtimedown]


What is said of Aslan though?

“Who said anything about safe? ‘Course He isn’t safe, but He’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

I hold onto these times where I see God moving because I know it’s not always be easy to see. What is the best part that the Lord as continued to remind me of in this time? That He wins. When all is said and done only He and those who are in Him will stand.

I got a call last week from my leaders on the field telling me of the political unrest and possibility of be having to wait to head to the field. Yet, I know and choose to believe that God is on the move. God is on the move in Nicaragua and He’s on the move in me and I can’t wait to see all He does.

Yet, I wait for His perfect timing and rest in His goodness and grace for me as I wait for Him to open the doors for me to go. Yet I don’t wait doing nothing, but rather actively begin knocking down the doors of the evil one through prayer for all the Lord is and will continue to do in my life, in Nicaragua and in all those God is moving through and towards.

Where have you seen the Lord at work in your life or in the lives of those around you? Where is the Lord reminding you of His faithfulness and calling you to hang onto hope? Where is the Lord gently reminding you that ultimately He wins?

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” [Phillippians 1:6]

May you ben encouraged, as I am, that our King is on the throne and He is on the move today and everyday – in many mighty ways.

Clinging to His Promises,

Bethany Joy

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