The Gospel Waltz

Last week I attended a conference through MTW called Living in Grace. It was a full week where we were drenched in the gospel of God’s grace for us.  A week where we more fully explored how,

“We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.” (Timothy Keller)

The Lord opened my eyes to idols in my own life. He showed me how easy it is to fall into self-righteousness.  He deepened my understanding of my own complete depravity.  Yet, sweet Jesus went with me there and deepened my utter dependency upon Him and His grace. I was reminded of who I am in Christ, that I am accepted, secure, significant, and free.  Free to fail and free to succeed.  I have known these truths, yet experienced them deeper this past week.

Not only did the Lord work in my life, but He also provided a wonderful community for me to do the “gospel waltz” with: repent, believe, fight/love.  It was so wonderful to be with other people who are going through the same things as me; the many transitions, fundraising, losses, excitement, and so much more. What a blessing this MTW community has and continues to be.

LIG photo

My small group at Living in Grace – Sue Harris (our fearless leader), Julie Costas (Greece), Emily Whitley (Cambodia) and me.  Waltzing the Gospel with these precious ladies has been a true blessing.

What a privilege it has been to have my sending organization not only be open about their struggles but provide me with a place where I can be honest about my own struggles. To have leaders who neither condemn me nor enable me, yet come along side me and gently lead me in the gospel waltz.  To be told, before I go to the field, that MTW does not expect perfection, but instead the reliance on the process of dependent sanctification.

What a breathe of fresh air.

Literally – from spending hours in the fresh mountain air.  Spiritually – from breathing in the gospel.  Physically – from slowing down from all the busyness.  Emotionally – from deepening dependence on Christ and experiencing such a beautiful community.

I feel like our lives are increasingly busy these days and rarely do we take the time to really stop, detox, and refocus our lives on Christ. The Gospel waltz of repentance, belief, and action should be a normal daily occurrence.  Not out of guilt and self-righteousness, but out of a love for our Savior and desire to know Him more.

Where was the last time you danced the Gospel waltz? Where do you sense the Lord calling you to step away from the culture of business which can keep us from truly breathing in the beauty of God’s grace?

I pray, just as the Lord has allowed me to see this past week, that y’all may truly experience how amazing God’s grace is in contrast to our own wandering and distracted hearts. That you may rest, secure and safe, in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Waltzing the Gospel with you,

Bethany Joy


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