Stepping Out In Faith

I have now been accepted and launched as an “itinerating missionary,” a missionary raising funds, with Mission To the World.  In the Lord’s timing, I will be joining current MTW missionaries in Nicaragua for the next 2-3 years in planting churches that transform communities.  I will specifically be working to develop an English program in a small farming community called Los Rios as well as help with other current ministry needs.  It is my prayer that the English program might support the church, anchor people’s hope in Jesus Christ, and empower them to escape the cycle of poverty.

During this initial time of fundraising, I have been reminded of God’s faithfulness in getting me to where He has me today and where He is leading me – Nicaragua. Below are some tidbits from my journal over the past 12 years that show me the Lord’s calling on my life to join my parents and grandparents in missions.

“I have to make it my own faith not my parents or my churches it has to be my own. Jesus I want you and you alone. I do.”  (12 yrs. old)

“You said in Mark 10:45 ‘For even the Son of man did not come to serve but to serve and give His life a ransom for many.’ That’s why I’m here, that’s the purpose of my life!” (14 yrs. old)

“Today was dress for success day. I dressed up as a missionary teacher!” (15 yrs. old)

“I believe that The Lord has been laying it on my heart to go into missions and to do missions teaching…I will continue to pray for guidance and wisdom.” (15 yrs. old)

“Here I am Lord, send me.” (16 yrs. old)

“I love You and serve You all my days! Hopefully by serving your little children! My trust is in You Lord, show me Your plan. Help me to be patient.” (16 yrs. old)

“I listened to The Lord this morning and I believe that The Lord told me to do missions somewhere before college. And I fully intend to do what He told me!” (17 yrs. old)

“…if God is calling me to go I believe He will provide…” (17 yrs. old)

“Send me where You want me to go. Here I am!” (17 yrs. old)

“Can I go back to Latin America this year Lord to serve You there?” (18 yrs. old)

“How about this year Lord? This desire hasn’t left my heart…” (19 yrs. old)

“Lord I love ministering to your people, please guide me with how you want me to serve You daily. I still would love to go back to Latin America…” (20 yrs. old)

“As you have comforted me through these difficult times I feel you calling me to go somewhere this summer and share this same hope and joy with those I encounter and live with.” (21 yrs. old)

“You have shown me that I am a house of God, full of joy, living with my hope anchored in Jesus Christ so that my life may be a testimony to the shalom that you have in store for everything – that there might be no person without hope anchored in Jesus Christ who encounters You through me.” (22 yrs. old)

“Lord help me walk in simple obedience to you and your Word wherever you call me.” (23 yrs. old).

God is good. He is faithful and I know as I step out in faith and follow Him where He has called me for this next season that He will provide physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially; for it is He who fills me up infinitely.  By His grace may we, His precious children, not forget this beautiful truth of God as our Provider.

Where is the Lord calling you? What is it that is causing you to not step out in faith? How can you trust that the Lord will provide for you in that area?  May we all ask ourselves these questions that they might enable us to walk in closer faith and obedience to Him.

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Looking forward to journeying with you,

Bethany Joy